Calculate how to apply your loan for your retirement project

Retirement, beyond being only one stage, should really be considered as a project. How many years have you worked for it? How much sacrifice did it take you to get to that moment in life? The retreat should not be seen anymore as that moment when you stop working and you can devote yourself to rest.

Actually, this is much more complex. Why do we say that retirement is a life project? Because thinking and preparing for this moment must be a responsibility acquired from youth. Just to adapt psychologically to this process requires approximately 6 months, now imagine all the time it takes to save and make a list of activities that you want to perform.

The reality is that no one, at any time in their life while they are 20 years old, thinks about the things they will do when they are 65 or older. But neither is it about starting to plan what days you will go to yoga or painting classes, that’s the least of it. What we should plan are the administration of our money and economic resources.

Thinking about how you want to live this time gives us the opportunity to calculate widely and make a structured budget and as close to reality. Of course, if you found out about these benefits too late, there is also a way to optimize your resources and enjoy your retirement every day.

Having a loan in this stage of life can be very simple since many government companies have agreements with credit institutions. In the case of Credifiel, our loans are via payroll so we give you your money quickly. So you can apply it in:

Health: No matter how much money you have, in order to enjoy your retirement we recommend that 40% of the total, you invest in caring for your health. Medical check-ups, dentist, eye care and also psychological therapy, all these aspects are always necessary to take care to be healthy physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Travel: 30% of the total. We know that traveling often heals anything, however, we can not spend our entire budget on trips and travel memories. Of course it is important to do so, traveling frequently brings incredible benefits for health, however, it is also worth taking the trips calmly and enjoying them more for their quality than for their quantity.

Fun and entertainment: In this area, we refer to enjoy activities such as movies, theater, museums and some other things like the classes you would like to take. Although they are important to stay active and above all, to keep our minds busy, investing all of this 10% of your budget is enough. It is also not necessary to register for multiple courses and workshops at the same time.

Investment: Finally we come to a very important area, investment and entrepreneurship. Maybe 20% of the total is not much, but the important thing is to stay constant in this savings. Identify the areas and activities in which you would like to invest, remember that it is not always necessary to have a large amount of money to start an important project.

Now that you know the main aspects in which you must invest your loan, what are you waiting to request? Come to us and specify in which company you worked to start asking for the loan that will help you.